La Table de Magali
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Philosophy :

I am above all aprofessional, respectful of the coocking rules of conservation, hygiene, transport and methods of development.

I trained and worked in various places, which enabled me to acquire these essential professional instincts.

I held these functions, without losing of considering, the ideology that I have had a family kitchen in my childhood.

From these varied experiences, my culinary personality continued, which enables me today to propose my kitchen to you.


now, it is me which occupies me of all !


For me, coocking is life. Far from being a chore, it is a daily pleasure.

I have this passion to transmit, I did not choose it, it is just in me !!!

I always took pleasure in inviting friends to prepare them specialities for them.

Thus, I wanted to make it my trade. As the traditional restaurant formula did not seem to me convivial enough (not enough contact with the customers), the concept of the cook in residence allured me :

My key words : simplicity, authenticity, human contact, nature.


The products quality :

A background of city and country living and cooking.

My week ends spent at my grandmother's farm taught me the concepts of quality and tradition, the value of the tastes of the "old days" which I like so much to make copy in a pure way.

In order to find these flavors, I select my ingredients. I direct my menus towards products of season and consult as often as needed butchers and market-gardeners.

You will be delighted by the vegetables of my own garden, within the limits of stock available, and to discover surprising and powerful flavors of wild plants and flowers. ( Possibility of cooking clases and taken out pickings)

magali, la cuisine à domicile